One of the best brands for CBD products is Elixinol. A lot of people today have embraced the fact that CBD is effective in dealing with different conditions ranging from diabetes to cancer, loss of libido, anxiety, depression, hair loss, infertility, pain, arthritis and so much more.

Before we dig deeper into Elixinol, let us first look at what hemp is and how it is different from the normal strains of marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana come from the same Cannabis Sativa plant.  However, hemp is non-psychoactive and may contain little or no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the main compound that gives people the feeling of “high.”  Elixinol is made from pure non-psychoactive hemp.

How do Elixinol Hemp Extract products differ from other CBD brands on the market?

Elixinol products are aluminum-free and are certified 100% organic.  This company has a wide variety of products including CBD capsules.  These capsules are made from the top-grade CBD which is derived from organic hemp through CO2 extraction. The company’s products do not contain any chemical solvents or additives. Elixinol capsules and other products contain full spectrum CBD. 

Humble Beginnings

Elixinol started with a dream. The dream was not to make money, but to help a lot of people. Paul Benhaim learned in 1991 that the seed of the hemp plant is a source of essential fatty acids.

When he started cultivating hemp, his first product was the “9bar” snack bar and is still one of the world’s bestseller until today.  He has supported numerous government policies and even global planning for the development of the hemp industry.

Paul has worked in various countries for the sake of the hemp industry.  He has been to Poland, South Korea, New Zealand, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, England, Germany, Hungary, India, China and more!

And if that is not enough, Paul has been closely working constantly with seed suppliers, seed breeders, cleaners, manufacturers and even laboratory and quality control personnel to ensure that the line of Elixinol has the best CBD products on the market.

The company works closely with a team of medical professionals who conduct R&D to ensure Elixinol products are not just effective but also safe.

Elixinol’s CBD products (oil, capsules or topical creams) can be extremely beneficial to one’s health.