Those who enjoy the juicy and sweet organic taste of ripe watermelon’s will undoubtedly enjoy this full spectrum hemp oil. Watermelon is a high-quality hemp oil by SunJoined. This hemp oil has that unmistakable watermelon taste that makes the mouth watermelons. The juicy taste of SunJoined’s Watermelon is surreal and sets the bar high for the fruit flavored full spectrum hemp oils. And although the market is filled with different types of hemp products, SunJoined’s Watermelon is one of the best out-there.

One of the main perks of this full-spectrum hemp oil is its contents. The producers of Watermelon work to ensure that this hemp oil is pure and free of all foreign materials. And this SunJoined hemp oil is also GMO-free, Cruelty-free, and Vegan Friendly. Besides full spectrum hemp, SunJoined only uses MCT Coconut Oil in the production of its blends. The extraction is conducted in a state of the art facility in the US. One of the main reason why this CBD oil is impressive is the extraction process employed in production is one of the best. SunJoined uses the Cryogenic Ethonal extraction system, which is known for its ability to get the highest quality oils from hemp plants.

This Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture is easy to ingest; all you need to do is put a drop under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing. You can also opt to hold it for one minute before swallowing. This CBD Oil is versatile and can be consumed in different ways. You can add this hemp oil to your smoothies or food.

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Watermelon comes with different concentration levels of hemp: 500mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg. You will get 16.67mg of active cannabinoids per 1ml serving of the 500mg. You get 33.33mg of cannabinoids per 1ml serving of the 1000mg version of the SunJoined oil. You get 50mg of active CBD per 1ml serving of the 1500mg SunJoined Full Spectrum CBD oil. The CBD Tincture Oils come in excellently designed 30ml bottles.

SunJoined has put together two impressive Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures besides Watermelon. These other different flavors are Lemonade, and Cannafresh. These full-spectrum hemp products are some of the finest on the market. Although they all come with the same bottle sizes, Watermelon, Lemonade, and Cannafresh all have different colored labels.

SunJoined Watermelon Full Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil Tincture is excellently packaged. You can buy a bottle of CBD products in most vape shops across the world. If you are interested in buying the SunJoined Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture, it is best to visit their online shop. You will find a list of distributors near you via their online shop.

SunJoined is a network of licensed hemp farmers and processors across the United States. Lamar Wilson, the founder of SunJoined, aimed to create a network of hemp farmers across the US. One of the main goals of this network is to share best practices and mistakes among farmers. The result of this trade of information is that farmers in this network get bountiful harvests. The network, SunJoined, also connects processors of hemp with high-quality hemp straight from the farm.

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